Forschungsschwerpunkte von Dr. Georg S. Levit

  • History and Philosophy of Biology
  • History of Biogeochemistry and Geophysiology
  • Alternative (non- and anti- Darwinian) evolutionary theories in the 20th century
  • Russian Evolutionary Biology
  • German Evolutionary Biology
  • History and Philosophy of Evolutionary Developmental Biology
  • Evolutionary approaches in social sciences (evolutionary economics, biopolitics)

  • Laufendes Drittmittelprojekt: Karl Ernst von Baer: Selected Writings. Commitee on Research and Travel Funding at the University of King's College Halifax (Leiter: G. Levit, Halifax/Jena; U. Hoßfeld, Jena; B. Hall, Halifax/Tempe; E. Tammiksaar, Tartu)