Dr. Dustin Eirdosh

Dustin Eirdosh, PhD

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Dr. Dustin Eirdosh
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Research profile:
I am interested in teaching and learning at the intersection of evolution, behavior, and sustainability science. Working through collaborations across scientific institutions, international non-profits, and local classrooms, our projects use human social behavior as a conceptual lens for interdisciplinary education. Scientific perspectives on the causes and consequences of our everyday experiences can be leveraged into deeper understandings of the challenges and solutions to sustainable development at every level of society.



  • Evolution education
  • Community science
  • Interdisciplinary education
  • Teaching for transfer of learning and conceptual understanding
  • School culture
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • School improvement
  • Cooperation science as content and context for educational innovations
Work experience

Work experience

Since 02/2022

Guest researcher

AG Biologiedidaktik (Biology Education),

Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena


Since 05/2019

Education innovation coordinator

Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Department of Comparative Cultural Psychology,


Since 08/2018

Co-founder of the non-profit organization EvoLeipzig e.V. (www.evoleipzig.deExterner Link)


Since 06/2015

Co-found and curriculum designer of the non-profit organization Global ESD (www.GlobalESD.orgExterner Link)

05/2012 - 11/2015

Project leader,

Positive Education Action Research Laboratory, University of Toliara, Madagascar

Training overview


2022 - Ph.D. Biology Education, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

2019 - Prosocial Facilitator Training

2015 - M.Sc. International Food Business & Consumer Sciences, Universität Kassel

2004 - B.A.Human Ecology, College of the Atlantic


OpenEvo - Evolving an open, networked, and interdisciplinary evolution and sustainability education research community

http://openevo.eva.mpg.deExterner Link


Global ESD

http://www.GlobalESD.orgExterner Link



http://www.EvoLeipzig.deExterner Link

Societies and associations

Cultural Evolution Society (since  2017)

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (since 2016)

Prosocial Schools (since 2020)


Monographies and dissertation work
  • Hanisch, S., Eirdosh, D., & Atkins, P.W.B. (2020). Community Science Field Guide for School Culture: Tools for learning better, together. Global ESD. http://CommunityScience.GlobalESD.orgExterner Link (auf deutsch: Hanisch, S., Eirdosh, D., & Atkins, P.W.B. (2020). Community Science Leitfaden für Schulkultur. Zusammenleben in der Schulgemeinschaft verstehen und fördern. EvoLeipzig. http://communityscience.EvoLeipzig.de)
  • Hanisch, S., & Eirdosh, D. (2020). A Teacher’s Guide to Evolution, Behavior, and Sustainability Science. 2nd Edition. Global ESD. http://guide.GlobalESD.orgExterner Link (auf deutsch: Hanisch, S., & Eirdosh, D. (2020). Lernen und Lehren über Evolution, Verhalten und nachhaltige Entwicklung. Ein Leitfaden. 2. Auflage. http://leitfaden.EvoLeipzig.de)
Book Chapters
  • Eirdosh, D., & Hanisch, S. (2021). Evolving Schools in a Post-pandemic Context. In W. Filho Leal (Ed.), COVID-19: Paving the Way for a More Sustainable World (pp. 465–480). Springer. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-69284-1_24Externer Link
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2019). The Role of Evolutionary Studies in Education for Sustainable Development. In: Wilson, D. S., Geher, G., Gallup,  A. G., & Head, H. (Eds.). Darwin’s Roadmap to the Curriculum: Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education. New York: Oxford University Press.
Contributions to scientific journals
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2021). Community Science Approaches to Understanding the Evolution of Everyday Cooperation. Posterpräsentation, European Human Behavior and Evolution Association (EHBEA) Virtual Conference, 24.-27- März 2021.
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2017). Cultural Evolution in the Biology Classroom. A Design-Based Research Model in Education for Sustainable Development. Poster Presentation. The Inaugural Conference of the Cultural Evolution Society, 13-15 September 2017, Jena.
Conferences and presentations
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2021). Teaching human behavior as an interdisciplinary theme. Symposium contribution: “Exploring New Methods for Engaging Youth and Community Members in Cooperation over Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in LMIC”. 30. International Congress for Conservation Biology (ICCB 2021), 13-17. December 2021, Kigali, Rwanda (online). 
  • Hanisch, S. & Eirdosh, D. (2021). Evolving Interdisciplinarity in Evolution Education. A Problem or Opportunity for Our Field? Workshop, Evolutionary Knowledge for Everyone (EvoKE) Konferenz “Evolving interdisciplinarity in evolution education”, 22.-24. November 2021, Barcelona.
  • Hanisch, S. & Eirdosh, D. (2021). Teaching evolution as an interdisciplinary science. Workshop “Evolutionary Thinking Across Disciplines”, 20. - 22. October 2021, Paris.
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2021). A community science model for interdisciplinary evolution education. Workshop “Evolutionary Thinking Across Disciplines”, 20. - 22. October 2021, Paris.
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2021). Evolving an open, networked, and interdisciplinary. Presented at the Cultural Evolution Society, Virtual Conference 2021, Sapporo, Japan.
  • Eirdosh, D. & Hanisch, S. (2020). The science behind sustainable behaviors. Webinar, 13. Mai 2020, ISTE Global Collaboration Network.
Online and science communication articles
Special publications